About Us


Our objective here at WICKETTS-ACO is to help bridge the gap between the manufacturer and the wholesaler, offering commercial plumbing fixtures with a quick turn-around, for an affordable price.

With over 76 years combined experience in the industry, WICKETTS-ACO relies on the relationship with contractors, wholesalers, engineers and architects to ensure a quick turnaround in acquiring plumbing fixtures from the manufacturers that we work with. Finding healthy equilibrium between quality products and competitive pricing is our ultimate goal.

Empowering our Customers

WICKETTS-ACO provides customers with a friendly and personal buying experience, that oftentimes is lacking from the business world today.

Precision Knowledge

Empowering our customers as the marketplace continues to grow and change. Our hands on experience, extensive knowledge of the industry, and expansive selection of plumbing fixtures help set us apart from the competition.


Arizona, U.S.A.